Your life in a year

I was very inspired by the Wait But Why post Your Life in Weeks where they lay out our entire 90-year human lifespan on a single page by years, months and weeks. Tim Urban, the author of the post also showed this lifespan-by-weeks poster at the end of his Ted talk about procrastination which he said can help act as an antidote to not waste so much of our time.

Wait But Why’s life in weeks calendar

The original Life in weeks calendar by Wait But Why:

life in year 1

I loved this idea for its simplicity but after the initial shock and realisation of the very limited number of weeks we all have to live, its effect started to fade away. So I created my version of this life calendar but just for one year. Instead of life in weeks, I tried to create a life in years calendar.

My Life in a year calendar

life in year


  • Thinking about my lifelong plans is crippling to me. But year long plans and goals are much more manageable.
  • Years are long but decades are short. Similarly days are long, weeks/months are short.
  • Although the Life in weeks calendar is powerful and thought provoking, it’s a little depressing. I understand that was the whole point of it, to take a good, hard look at your life and priorities but I want my entire life’s calendar to at least have more than one page in it.

I still think that the original life calendar is very helpful in keeping things in perspective but this year long calendar has helped me to stay on my toes a lot more.

You can download and print your life in year poster here (click on image to enlarge): life in year poster