I’ve tried to outline the philosophy behind this blog in the following points. Hope it makes sense.

Wannabe Polymath

For as long as I can think about, I’ve never had one singular passion, I always had a couple of them. And I used to spend a lot of time thinking whether there was something wrong with me or should I focus on cultivating just one calling.

But now I’ve given up on that kind of thinking and just embrace whatever comes my way. This website started out as a place where I can write and just try to put my thoughts into words. Then I added a photography section, then a bookshelf section. Now I’m learning to play the ukulele, maybe there will be a section for that, who knows.

This blog has a general direction where its headed and what its meant to be, which is a knowledge repository for myself. Apart from that, I guess we both will find out where it eventually leads to.

Digital Garden

A digital garden is an online space where you cultivate your ideas, grow them and grow with them.

Every new post, is a seed. And depending on the amount of time and energy spent on them, they can turn into an evergreen plant or remain a seedling. But in any case, each leaf is the primary citizen of this blog.

And if the chief purpose of this blog is to be a knowledge repository, then the knowledge pieces need to have some simple and concrete set of rules for it. These are the rules I’ve set to build this garden:

  • No published dates on articles. Ever evolving.

    A digital garden is supposed to be evergreen and digital gardeners keep on cultivating and refining their notes.

While there is no published date on them, on the backend they do have an expiry date, which means after a certain amount of time has passed, the article will have to be updated or at least read again to see if I still align with the ideas highlighted in them or not.

  • Second Brain

This concept is not new and have been championed by many people before. But I kind of like the idea of seeing this space as a public second brain of mine. Since its independent, random and has some sorts of categorization to it, it ticks most of the checkboxes for being a second brain.

Everything posted on this site must be such that I can quickly refer back to it when needed, be able to interlink between ideas and most importantly, generate new ideas.

  • Notes to self. A reference to what I’ve learned and learning.

If my physical commonplace notebook was a little more refined, it might look a lot like this blog. Apart from that, I want this site to give me a place to share what curiosity I’m currently occupied with and later to look back and see where I was and how far I’ve come.

Learning in Public & Private

I love learning in public. You get to meet amazing people so much better than you, you get that invisible force pushing you to be better everyday and you just get a proud feeling seeing your work in public.

But I also believe that no amount of work or learning can be done without some sort of solitude. You can start your learning publicly but to go in the depths of the topic and actually understand it and make connections with what you already know, most of that happens privately.

That’s why this blog, though not 100% private, tries to maintain some sort of anonymity. A sort of middle ground between being totally private and public. It gives my private thoughts a public platform.

"There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing. – Aristotle"